Telling the Story of Art with Augmented Reality

Hiding behind every artwork is a rich collection of stories. The Viseum platform employs novel augmented reality technology to bring these exciting stories to life. It allows museum curators to enhance existing artwork with digital content that is delivered via smartphones and tablets and seamlessly blended into the physical context of the art.

Visitors using the Viseum augmented reality app.


The Viseum app delivers interactive augmented reality experiences, authored by the museum creators, to the museum visitors.


The Viseum CMS offers a reusable, customizable platform that empowers museum curators to create their own augmented reality content and experiences.


Our team of engineers, digital artists, and art historians can develop and launch a custom-made Viseum app and CMS for you and help you create the best possible experiences for your visitors.

The Viseum augmented reality app running on smartphones


Content is made available to museum visitors via a custom-made Viseum app, which can be downloaded on any mobile device. Contrary to traditional audio guides that offer a predefined, single-channel experience to all visitors, the Viseum app delivers personalized interactive experiences and empowers visitors to select content they find most interesting at the pace that best suits them.

With a sleek, modern design, the app utilizes the full power of modern mobile devices and computer graphics technology to enhance art with text, images, audio, video, 3D models, and advanced visual effects. The app creates novel, interactive encounters with the artwork that can be both playful and informative while providing the visitor with a richer understanding of the art’s context.

The Viseum app has been created to enhance, not distract from, the source material and can be a companion for the visitor as they experience classic art through a modern lens.


The Viseum Content Management System (CMS) allows museum curators to author the AR experiences presented in the Viseum app. Thus, curators are empowered to tell the stories they are most passionate about. All authored content is provided instantly to the mobile app through a cloud infrastructure. This pipeline ensures that new material can be constantly added, adapted, and instantly made available to museum visitors. Since any piece of art can be added or updated within seconds, content remains fresh and can easily evolve over time.

Additionally, user telemetry data captured on the mobile device is sent to the Viseum CMS and visualized in a quantitative, anonymized analytics view that helps curators learn how visitors interact with the artworks in an exhibition.

Screenshots showing the Viseum CMS for curators


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